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Tips and Advice to Keep Your Pet Protected from Theft

Tips and Advice to Keep Your Pet Protected from Theft

With the recent rise in news coverage surrounding dog theft, there is no better time to let you know a few simple tips and advice on ways that you can keep your pet safe from theft. 

Identification and Microchipping

In the UK it is a legal requirement that your dog is microchipped, and that the registered details are on the chip are kept up to date. The microchip inside your animal will be registered to your details which means that if your dog was to go missing or be stolen, an authority can scan the chip and trace the animal back to you via the DEFRA compliant database you have registered your animal to.

Another legal requirement which will assist in keeping your dog safe is a collar tag. If your dog is out and about in public, there must be a collar tag present displaying the keepers name and address.

Animal Tracker customers can log in to their account at and purchase collar tags with the Animal Tracker database logo on the front so that authorities will contact the right database immediately. Their details will also be engraved on the reverse.

Social Media

We know it’s tempting to post your new pet all over your socials (and everyone loves to have a cute pet pop up on their feed when they’re scrolling) but, unless done carefully, posting your pet can pose a serious threat to your pets safety.

When posting your pet…

· DO NOT tag specific locations on the post

· DO check the background of the photo for any personal details

· DO NOT post any images showing information of your address, work place or anywhere you visit frequently.

Be Cautious and Vigilant when Out and About

When out and about, never leave your pet unattended. Even if you are just popping in a shop, leaving your pet tied outside leaves your pet extremely vulnerable to pet thieves.

Even when at home it is important to keep your pet in sight. If you let them in the garden, keep an eye on them and make sure any gates or exits are locked and secure.

We know it’s a frequent event that you get stopped by other walkers in public so they can admire your pet but you should always keep your wits about you in these encounters. Watch out for people asking too many questions and be careful what you answer with. Enjoy the socialisation but keep aware.

Is your Pet in Safe Hands?

The call for dog walkers is on the rise as people are returning to work. People have less time to walk their pups so are looking to hire someone to get their pets exercised for them.

If you are looking for a dog walker please make sure that they have done the right paperwork and you have done your research. The walker should have third-party insurance and potentially a licence if it is required in your area.

Dog walking is currently rather unregulated, which means it is even more important that you keep vigilant about who you trust to handle your pet.

All of the information in this article has been sourced from the BBC and more details can be found at