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Microchip Implanter Training Courses

How do I learn to become a microchip implanter?

Becoming a microchip implanter is not as hard as you may think. Anyone can train to become a microchip implanter and you don’t need any existing qualifications. Whether you are a breeder, wanting to be able to microchip your own litters, or work elsewhere in the pet industry, offering microchip implanting is a valuable asset to your business. To find out more about the training we offer you can call our office on 01279 507363, or for a quote please submit your details via the box at the bottom of this page.

PeddyMark is pleased to be able to offer approved training courses that can be organised for groups or individuals at very competitive prices. We provide qualified trainers who will travel to you; initially there is some theory work to complete prior to your training date, which will take approximately 2 -3 hours, then you will receive approximately 4 hours one-to-one training and we work to your availability when it comes to training dates. We find that this format, rather than a classroom environment, produces more confident implanters. It allows you to work at your own pace and ask many more questions of your trainer, becoming happier that you have covered every aspect of microchipping.

Who can teach me to become a microchip implanter?

Due to changes in legislation which took place in 2015, all microchip training must now be undertaken with an approved supplier and we are pleased to announce that Peddymark has been awarded approved status by Defra and The Secretary of State, The Scottish Secretary of State and The Welsh Assembly to train in England, Scotland and Wales respectively. Our certificates of approval can be viewed below.

If you are seeking quotes from other suppliers, it is important that you ensure they have been issued approved status and ask to see their certificate. 

  • England Certificate
  • English Secretary of State Approval
  • Size: 102KB
  • Wales Certificate
  • Welsh Secretary of State Approval
  • Size: 85KB
  • Scotland Certificate
  • Scottish Secretary of State Approval
  • Size: 93KB

How much does it cost to become a trained microchip implanter?

Our training prices are extremely competitive, however as our training is carried out on a one-to-one basis, the exact price depends upon your desired training location. PeddyMark does not profit from training as we believe that the more qualified microchip implanters are available to the public, fewer animals will be lost or stolen. Please use the box at the bottom of this page or contact our office on 01279 507363 for a quote.


Please note that the quote you receive will be for the training itself, exclusive of any equipment required. We do ask that you purchase one batch of  microchips from us to use following your training and your order will be brought to you by the trainer on your training day. Please visit our product shop here for more information on the equipment we offer.

PeddyMark conforms to the code of conduct set out by the MTA (Microchip Trade Association) of which we are members. PeddyMark can also be found on the BSAVA's website  as one of the companies that conform to the code of practice recognised by them. 

What do I need to be able to train as a microchip implanter?

You need no prior qualifications to be able to train as a microchip implanter. You will, however, need to have access to at least 3 non-microchipped animals to chip as part of your training and be able to handle these species competently. If you wish to be able to microchip dogs in the future, one of these three animals must be a dog.

You will be provided with 3 microchips for your training, but you will also be required to purchase some equipment from us- this is not included in the training quote. We recommend our starter packs, as they have everything required to get started.

Before purchasing microchips, you will need to decide which size is best for your requirements and which database you wish to register with. PeddyMark is one of the few companies who operate their own database- Animal Tracker. For more information about Animal Tracker, visit the website here.

Alternatively, microchips can be bought from PeddyMark with registration to PetLog- the Kennel Club’s database. Click here for more information.

The microchips themselves are identical, the only difference is the price of the registration and the process on the database. As Animal Tracker is our own database, we are able to offer registrations at a lower cost and assist you further in the future with any registration issues.

What will I receive during and following my implanter training?

Each training course will provide you with the following:

  • Training on the practical procedure and theory of microchipping
  • Understanding Health and Safety related issues
  • Understanding the registration process for microchipped animals on your chosen database (Animal Tracker or Petlog) and how this positively affects swift reunification of any pet with its owner
  • Training manual and referral notes
  • A qualified trainer who will remain your point of contact should you need any support following the training
  • Certificate awarded upon completion
  • Implanter Code upon completion

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I would like to say how professional your whole team, from start to finish was. I would recommend Peddymark to others. Thank you again and look forward to developing this side of our livestock businesses.


The training was great and helped me feel so much more confident. Thank you so much.


Our training was very simply explained and demonstrated. I was relieved it was easier than I imagined it to be.