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Welcome to Peddymark Ltd Secretary of State Approved microchip training providers

PeddyMark offers for sale microchip equipment (ISO Standard 11784 & 11785.) Our mission is to supply high quality microchips and scanners/readers at very competitive prices to correctly trained individuals and companies. PeddyMark also offer microchip training which is approved by DEFRA. & the Secretary of State. We feel that it is essential that micro-chipped Dogs and Cats are traceable back to their owners as soon as possible and therefore ALL our pet microchips come with registration to the Kennel Club's database Petlog. We have a free of charge database of trained microchip implanters that is searchable by members of the public. If you are a trained user of pet microchips please feel free to sign up and create an advert so that we can help offer your services to pet owners. If you are a pet owner looking for a qualified person to microchip your dog, cat or rabbit then please use this search feature. 

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Petlog Registration Standard ISO Microchips 2mm x 12mm
  • Ref: SCOL
  • Petlog Registration Standard ISO Microchips 2mm x 12mm
  • online registration only
  • From £42.50
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Petlog Registration Mini ISO Microchips 1.4mm x 8mm
  • Ref: MCOL
  • Petlog Registration Mini ISO Microchips 1.4mm x 8mm
  • online registration only
  • From £45.00
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ISO Scanner/Reader PM450
  • Ref: PM450
  • ISO Scanner/Reader PM450
  • Reads all ISO microchips
  • £39.99
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Implant Device
  • Ref: IMP12
  • Implant Device
  • for use with standard chips
  • £8.00
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Implant device (Mini microchips)
  • Ref: IMP08G
  • Implant device (Mini microchips)
  • Mini implanter for 8mm x 1.4mm microchips
  • £8.00
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20 x Plastic collar tags
  • Ref: PMTCP20
  • 20 x Plastic collar tags
  • Plastic collar tags with the PeddyMark Logo
  • £3.00
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Implant Syringe Disposable
  • Ref: IMPS12
  • Implant Syringe Disposable
  • Disposable 20 use syringe
  • £1.00
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Single shot ISO Microchip
  • Ref: SSOL
  • Single shot ISO Microchip
  • 12mm ISO microchips pre loaded in to a one time use syringe implanter; online registration
  • From £5.19
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