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Peddymark Animal Microchip SuppliersPeddymark Animal Microchip Suppliers

Our Microchips

Technical Specification

  • Manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest quality product
  • Pre-packed and sterile microchips with barcode labling to support ease of registration
  • Parylene coated to stabilise the microchip after implantation
  • ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant 
  • Microchips offered as either syringe or gun-type for your ease of use 

Available Sizes

Mini : Measures 1.4 x 8mm. The same needle size as our mid-size microchip. Should only be used in animals that will not exceed 15kg when fully grown. Registration to Petlog only.

Mid-Size : Measures 1.4 x 10mm. Our 'all-rounder'. The same needle size as our mini microchip, but with a greater read-range, making it suitable for use in all animals from a Guinea Pig to a Great Dane. Registrations available to both Animal Tracker and Petlog.

Standard : Measures 2 x 12mm. Our largest size, best suited for extra-large dog breeds. Registration to Petlog only.


We are proud to offer our microchips with registrations to either Animal Tracker or Petlog databases. For more information please visit the FAQs section of our website and for pricing, please see our Product Shop.