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Lost and Found in a Whisker of Time!

Pets going missing doesn't always entail long walks or extended absences. Sometimes, accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Check out Gizmo’s reunification story -

11 AM – 09th September 2023

Gizmo decided on an unplanned adventure. This beautiful Frenchie, just 5 years of age, a playful and spirited five-year-old, found himself separated from his family after a daring escape through a garden chicken wire fence. His mission? To join in the fun as he watched the children playing nearby.

The incident unfolded just a stone's throw away from his ever-watchful pet keeper, who was only a few feet away hanging out her washing. Gizmo seized his chance in those few minutes and embarked on his little adventure.

11.10 AM - 09th September 2023

After just a few short minutes, Gizmo had wandered a little further than he should, but fate was on his side when diligent dog walker Zoe crossed paths with the wayward Frenchie. Catching sight of Gizmo, she soon realised he was alone. Worried about the bustling road nearby, she quickly reached for her spare lead and gently secured the pooch.

11.30 AM - 09th September 2023

Understanding the importance of acting swiftly, Zoe wasted no time and took the lost pup to the local veterinary clinic. Gizmo's microchip was scanned at the clinic, revealing a wealth of essential information about his keeper. Within moments, Gizmo's pet keeper, Emmanuelle, was contacted, and she learned of his whereabouts.

Being a Saturday, the vets were due to close at midday, so Zoe’s timing was impeccable. Gizmo’s reunification could have played out very differently if this hadn't happened.

Every heartwarming reunion underscores the crucial role of microchipping and maintaining up-to-date pet information. Not only is it a responsible choice for pet keepers, but it is also a legal requirement. Gizmo's story reminds us that accidents can happen, no matter how vigilant we are as pet parents. Gizmo's microchip ensured a swift return, sparing him and his family from unnecessary anguish.

Microchipping provides a lifeline in situations like these, allowing lost pets to reunite quickly with their loved ones. However, it's not enough to microchip your furry companions; ensuring that the contact information linked to the chip is current and accurate is equally vital.

Let Gizmo's adventure serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of microchipping and maintaining updated pet details. Together, we can keep our beloved pets safe and ensure they find their way home should they need to.

Emmanuelle, Gizmo’s keeper, said – ‘I was hugely relieved, as were my children when we received a call from the vets to say that Gizmo had been handed in safely to them and that I could collect him at any time. Knowing that his microchip meant he was reunited with us so quickly shows just one of the benefits of having them and keeping them up to date.’

- Caterham Valley, Surrey