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Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is a fun night for everyone but can sometimes be terrifying for our pets. There are a few things we can do as pet owners to keep our pets as happy and calm as possible.

· Before the fireworks, walk your dog in the daylight hours so they don’t get startled when out and about.

· Get your pet somewhere they feel comfortable, create a safe space for them (toys and blankets they enjoy are ideal). Seem as regular to them as possible, play as you typically would.

· Close curtains and doors to keep the sounds minimal, maybe also play some music too to mask the noise.

· Ensure your pet has their collar tag attached at all times (if you need to order some, you can do so by visiting and logging into your account) and also ensure their microchip details are up to date just in case they get startled and escape.

· For Cats: Consider keeping you cat inside for the night, provide plenty of hiding spots for them and if they seek shelter in one, don’t try and tempt them out, they’ll comer when they’re ready.

· For Small Animals: Consider providing additional bedding for them to use to burrow and partially cover cages and pens so that one side is sound proof and hidden but the other is open so they can see their surroundings.

· If your animal finds the evening scary and stressful, there are treatment routes that can mean they do not have to suffer every year. Never punish them when they’re scared and seek advice from a vet if your animal seems excessively afraid, they may refer you to a professional clinical animal behaviourist.

We at Peddymark thank you for an incredible 2021 and we would like to wish you a...

Happy New Year!

- information in this article was sourced from the RSPCA -