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Database Detectives

Welcome to the world of Database Detectives, where we embark on a mission to ensure the safety and security of our beloved furry companions. In this innovative marketing campaign, we're hitting the streets, or more accurately, the parks, to shed light on a crucial aspect of pet ownership that often goes overlooked: microchip registration.

Unveiling the Mystery: Most of us are aware of the importance of microchipping our pets. It's a vital step in ensuring that if our furry friends ever go missing, they have a better chance of being reunited with us. However, what many pet owners may not realise is that simply implanting the microchip is not enough. There's another crucial step: registering your pet on a DEFRA-compliant database like ours.

The Missing Piece: Here's the twist: just because your pet has been microchipped doesn't mean they're automatically registered to you. This is where the Database Detectives come into play. We're here to educate pet owners about the necessity of personally registering their pets on the appropriate database.

The Importance of Keeping Details Updated: But our work doesn't stop there. Once registered, it's imperative to keep your contact details up to date. By law, this ensures that in the unfortunate event of your pet going missing, they can be swiftly reunited with you. Sadly, thousands of pets each year have outdated contact details associated with them, making the reunification process much more challenging.

Join Us in the Park: So, do you know which database your dog is registered on? If not, don't worry! Look out for our Database Detectives in a park near you. We'll be conducting interviews with local dog owners, spreading awareness, and providing guidance on how to ensure your furry friend's information is up-to-date and readily accessible.

In the heart of every pet owner lies the desire to keep their furry companions safe. By joining forces with the Database Detectives, you're taking a proactive step towards safeguarding your pet's well-being. So, let's come together, educate ourselves and others, and make sure that every wagging tail has a happy ending. See you in the park!