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How To Transition Your Dog Out Of Lockdown

For most of us, the prospect of life returning to normal post-lockdown has been keeping us going for the past few months. Returning to the office, bars and restaurants re-opening, and being able to spend time with friends, family and colleagues we haven’t seen for months is undoubtedly exciting, as is being able to look at something other than our own four walls. However, amidst this excitement, let’s spare a thought for our pets.

With prices of dogs and puppies soaring due to demand during lockdown, many have new pets that have only ever known our undivided attention. Pet and veterinary professionals have issued warnings regarding separation anxiety and issued advice for how to encourage better behaviour and socialisation in our pets over the coming transitional weeks. Many pets will be faced with the prospect of spending more time on their own, as well as getting used to noisier and more crowded public spaces. The BSAVA have put together a useful resource for pet owners which can be found here, to answer your questions regarding handling these changes.

However, it is not only the separation element of lockdown easing that can pose a problem for our pets. It has been reported that many may find our new use of face masks challenging. Not only do masks make it far harder for our pets to read our body language and determine our mood, they can be intimidating with their bold colours and unusual designs. Wood Green, The Animals Charity, have put together a helpful video to help us understand how to get our dogs used to face coverings. Please view it here.